Self Portrait 09/12

Self Portrait 09/12


Flawed. We try to hide the things that we think are flaws.
Scared to show our true selves.
But what is so flawed about us?
Or is it just the sickness in our mind caused by society.

That’s what life is about right now.

I went back to school the end of last month, this time, Grad School. I didn’t even realize all of the blessings that would fall into my lap – but here they are.
I was offered a part time job at GVSU teaching black and white film.
I started my Grad school journey that allowed me to open back up that conceptual side of thinking.
The kind of thought that literally gets lost and lonely when you don’t practice it.

It’s easy to create beautiful images of happy brides and well dressed grooms – it’s hard to create something so conceptually beautiful with something not as glamorous.

I am still continuing my Shine Bright series, although my heart has been tugged on in a different way- that is causing me to go in a deeper and much different direction.
See, even if these girls have been tampered with society, they are all in fact, beautiful.

Whether they believe it or not. The responses from the project alone has shown me that I need to dig deeper at this issue.
I am alllll about inspiring others – but I know I can do it better.

I have had a major thing with shadows lately. The way they create new figures in the image.
Therefore, a lot of my work has been revolving around shadows – especially my personal work.

I love weddings, I still have 7 more after I get married myself (seriously, less than two weeks… so nuts), but it’s nice to be back in the mindset of conceptual imagery making. I’ve missed it. Thinking about what things actually mean. Thinking about why particular spots in a photograph are actually in focused, and deciphering meaning.
Unfortunately I think our society has lost its sense of deciphering what a photograph is actually telling us, and instead we’re oohing and awhing over colors and contrast of something that is sending the wrong information technically. It’s nice to see both sides, but sometimes I wish people would dig a little deeper into a photograph instead of being in love with a photograph where an elbow is in focus instead of the facial expressions of the subject.

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