Self Portrait 10/12



This month was insane and incredible.
I got married to the love of my life – my high school sweetheart, and then went to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. It was incredible. I have never seen something so beautiful.

Married life is weird. It doesn’t feel different at all. Everyday is the same, but the woman kind of… loses her identity? I mean, literally, yes. My name is soon to be legally changed, and my clients have to learn me by a new name. A part of me dislikes it, a part of me likes it, it’s a complicated feeling.

These last two months have been so busy I forget to breathe sometimes.. and the next two weeks will be like that as well. I hate to say I am looking forward to December, but I am.
Grad school, teaching, photographing weddings and sessions, and working at Kendall is a bit much, but I love it all.

Any ways. Here are some pretty photos.

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