Shine Bright 22

Shine Bright 22


Figure out who you are, what you like, what you don’t like, and own it. Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t even for a second think you are not good enough – win your battles – because only you can decide your true outcome.

Meet Morgan



What do you love about yourself?

This isn’t something I spend time thinking about, so this is really a challenging question. Honestly, I love my Personality. I feel like I’m a strong and independent woman, mostly easy going and can even be funny from time to time. I love the way I can make connections with people and kids.



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How do you overcome your demons?

My mom taught me awhile back that the mind is stronger than the matter at hand. I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks, mind over matter helps me to calm back down. I apply this strategy to my demons and obstacles along the road. If God brought me to it, He will bring me through it and He wouldn’t place anything in front of me that I cannot handle. He has given me the best support system possible: a strong and loving mom, wise brother, and supportive fiancé.



What is your greatest Passion?

I’m not sure if my passion can be looped into one category, so I will name them as they are: teaching and children. Teaching extends beyond the walls Of any classroom. Sure kids will learn core subject Material within class or even the basics of the game a court; but teaching goes deeper than that. It reaches farther. As an educator and a coach I aim to teach the little Humans I come into contact with about life and the importance of true friendships and family and that in this world we aren’t handed anything- we must earn it. Children are also my Passion-aside From teaching, coaching them has taken over my heart since I began doing it six years ago. There’s something magical about the way children see the world- I want to be more Like them and see beauty in all things, especially the Little things that I might otherwise take for Granted. I desire to make a positive Impact On as many people as I can while I’m here. My passion is to inspire.



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What gets you discouraged?

I’m the kind of Person who likes to see results quickly. Instant gratification kind of thing. If I’m Working hard at something, whatever it may be, and the desired results aren’t happening semi-quick; I will get discouraged and have that inner battle of giving up Or pushing forward.



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