Self Portrait 12/12


APA_4410Self Portrait 12/12

This month has been super refreshing. It is nice to actually have time to wake up – literally smell the coffee – do my tax information for my business, plan for the next few months for my personal work and business plan for next year, as well as focus on my next move for my art gallery in March, and my future work I will be making for the next few months.

It also is a small amount of relax that I can handle. I’m not good with.. not being busy. I really really have to have something to do – or I can just be in a bad mood… pretty fast.

Josh and I have been house hunting, and now we are in the process of purchasing a house! It’s pretty hard to adult so much.. especially when we both feel way in over our head. Mostly, because it is just a big purchase.
However, with this new home, I will have a bigger office, a bedroom, an extra room for all of my art supplies and crafting, and a guest bedroom.

On top of that we have an upstairs living room, as well as a downstairs living room – which will be made into mostly a home work out area, and an area that I can practice my gallery exhibitions on because it is such a large space –
In a nutshell – I’m super excited and super nervous.
Mostly excited.

This year has been super incredible. I can’t even begin to sum up my feelings.
Next year will be even more of a journey with my business.
I have the most incredible clients for next year – and I can’t wait to watch them all take their next step.

Thank you, for following.

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