Personal; Trip to Cali.

Sometimes, you just need to get away for a week or so and photograph for yourself, your family and for documenting the moments that seem to pass by so quickly.

I am not going to do a recap of 2016, because, as well all know I blog way too many photos as it is, and I love every wedding I do. So to spare you from the 400 photographs that I probably would end up posting, I am going to post a lot of imagery from my trip that I was able to take at the end of December.

My family and I went to Palm Springs, California, and got to visit Joshua Tree National Park. We captured some family photographs, Josh and I climbed a mountain, I read a few books for relaxation, and I made myself slow down but just a short period of time.

My weddings start up again tomorrow, and I am so thrilled, after a month of relaxation, to get back to my daily, crazy, love obsessed life. ❤

Here are some of my favorite photographs from my trip; although I will be sharing these one by one on my instagram and facebook as well. ❤

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