Alyssa + Tyler

All last week Alyssa and I talked daily to make sure Michigan wouldn’t ruin our plans. We moved up our shoot a day before in hopes that if it rained it would be easier to move back a day. I’m SO glad we did.
The lighting was perfect, the weather was warm enough, and it rained the following two days.

These two learned too much about me, and I got to learn and get a feel about who they were as a couple.
I get to photograph their special day a day before I head down to Florida to do some other work. I am SO happy Alyssa found me, truly.

I can’t wait for your day y’all.

Here are a few of my favorites from your session.

A + T_0000A + T_0013A + T_0017A + T_0030A + T_0042A + T_0059A + T_0075A + T_0080A + T_0092A + T_0103A + T_0106A + T_0118A + T_0122A + T_0134A + T_0144A + T_0147A + T_0162A + T_0166A + T_0170A + T_0181A + T_0186A + T_0191A + T_0199A + T_0203A + T_0205A + T_0217A + T_0222A + T_0238

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