Brett + Autumn

Lately, Michigan has been kind of dreary, but last Friday it finally warmed up and gave me the weather I had been hoping for.

Autumn and Brett are getting married this August. I met Autumn awhile ago at a Habitat for Humanity project, but as time faded so did my memory of that. So last Friday we recapped and I was honored to take her engagements, and soon to be wedding images!

There are a TON more photographs, but Ill give you a snippet of my favorite ones.


A + B_0002A + B_0007A + B_0012A + B_0017A + B_0022A + B_0027A + B_0046A + B_0047A + B_0049A + B_0055A + B_0060A + B_0063A + B_0079A + B_0104A + B_0108A + B_0118A + B_0127A + B_0132A + B_0139A + B_0143A + B_0171A + B_0175A + B_0198A + B_0202A + B_0209A + B_0223A + B_0233A + B_0245A + B_0267

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