Zach + Meagan

Met these two beauts on a Friday evening in Grand Rapids. They drove all the way from Toledo (troopers) to do an engagement session with me.
Their wedding next year is in Toledo (so I am returning the favor).

Their images are seriously the best.. and they have a few hundred more.

12APA_1822APA_1852APA_1858 copyAPA_1858APA_1877APA_1938APA_1964APA_2021APA_2045APA_2067APA_2084APA_2087-2APA_2087APA_2122APA_2124APA_2211APA_2229APA_2255APA_2260APA_2272APA_2303APA_2340APA_2351APA_2389APA_2436APA_2444APA_2457APA_2458APA_2459APA_2480APA_2507APA_2508-2APA_2508APA_2522APA_2535APA_2555APA_2583APA_2584APA_2595APA_2607APA_2610

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