Alex + Kevin

September 2, 2017

Alex and Kevin got married on a beautiful Saturday around St.Joe/Benton Harbor, Michigan. I have known Alex since I was about two years old, so when she asked me to do her engagement and wedding photography, I about cried.
This wedding was so very special, and the amount of trust Alex and Kevin had in me with their images was a breath of fresh air.

Here are just a handful of my favorite images – but there are so so more to come.


2017APA_30002017APA_30032017APA_30492017DSC_07272017DSC_0734-22017DSC_0767-22017DSC_07752017DSC_07802017DSC_0818A+ K_0001A+ K_0005A+ K_0008A+ K_0011A+ K_0013A+ K_0017A+ K_0019A+ K_0031A+ K_0059A+ K_0071A+ K_0074A+ K_0078A+ K_0083A+ K_0105A+ K_0111A+ K_0120A+ K_0130A+ K_0156A+ K_0160A+ K_0164A+ K_0174A+ K_0186A+ K_0198A+ K_0203A+ K_0208A+ K_0212A+ K_0215A+ K_0217A+ K_0252A+ K_0262A+ K_0264A+ K_0271A+ K_0283A+ K_0286A+ K_0300A+ K_0323A+ K_0342A+ K_0351A+ K_0355A+ K_0366A+ K_0389A+ K_0397A+ K_0403A+ K_0506A+ K_0508A+ K_0511A+ K_0515A+ K_0517A+ K_0520A+ K_0523A+ K_0532A+ K_0545A+ K_0548A+ K_0550A+ K_0552A+ K_0558A+ K_0561A+ K_0567A+ K_0568A+ K_0572A+ K_0573A+ K_0579A+ K_0583A+ K_0586A+ K_0592A+ K_0602A+ K_0604A+ K_0606A+ K_0608A+ K_0611A+ K_0614A+ K_0624A+ K_0626A+ K_0628A+ K_0630A+ K_0633A+ K_0637A+ K_0641A+ K_0643A+ K_0646A+ K_0647A+ K_0650A+ K_0651A+ K_0656A+ K_0659A+ K_0666A+ K_0669A+ K_0706A+ K_0712A+ K_0771A+ K_0775A+ K_0802A+ K_0803A+ K_0804A+ K_0805A+ K_0811A+ K_0817A+ K_0818A+ K_0820A+ K_0821A+ K_0822A+ K_0827A+ K_0828A+ K_0851A+ K_0853A+ K_0858A+ K_0860A+ K_0862A+ K_0866A+ K_0867A+ K_0876A+ K_0878A+ K_0888A+ K_0891A+ K_0892A+ K_0893A+ K_0894A+ K_0900A+ K_0905A+ K_0908A+ K_0909A+ K_0920A+ K_0921A+ K_0924A+ K_0927A+ K_0930A+ K_0940A+ K_0949A+ K_0958A+ K_0960A+ K_0966A+ K_0975A+ K_0981A+ K_0997A+ K_1005A+ K_1016A+ K_1017A+ K_1045A+ K_1049A+ K_1054A+ K_1061A+ K_1062A+ K_1070


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