Cody + Lauren

I met up with these two in Detroit on a BEAUTIFUL Monday afternoon.
I had no idea who they were, but within the first 3 minutes I knew it was going to be an awesome time.

We walked around Detroit for 2 hours (because if we both drive a distance to meet, why not make the most of it), toured abandoned areas, and laughed, a lot.

I am super excited for their winter wedding next year.
Here are just a handful of my favorites.


Cody and Lauren_11Cody and Lauren_31Cody and Lauren_46Cody and Lauren_53Cody and Lauren_57Cody and Lauren_77Cody and Lauren_101Cody and Lauren_108Cody and Lauren_109Cody and Lauren_114Cody and Lauren_126Cody and Lauren_129Cody and Lauren_147Cody and Lauren_152Cody and Lauren_156Cody and Lauren_161Cody and Lauren_168Cody and Lauren_189Cody and Lauren_191Cody and Lauren_213Cody and Lauren_220Cody and Lauren_221Cody and Lauren_239Cody and Lauren_253Cody and Lauren_256Cody and Lauren_259Cody and Lauren_263Cody and Lauren_277Cody and Lauren_280Cody and Lauren_288Cody and Lauren_291Cody and Lauren_301Cody and Lauren_330Cody and Lauren_341Cody and Lauren_348Cody and Lauren_353Cody and Lauren_355Cody and Lauren_361Cody and Lauren_377Cody and Lauren_381Cody and Lauren_401Cody and Lauren_406Cody and Lauren_415Cody and Lauren_418Cody and Lauren_420

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