Melanie + Nate

Oh my goodness these two.
The moment I met them I loved them. We both apparently watched hours of Stranger Things before the session, and then Melanie complimented my work to an amount that made me want to cry, or hug her… I’m not sure.

I’ve decided to acquire them as BFF because they are so cute, and also, very nice/amazing people.

Enough about my admiration for them – here are a handful of my favorite images.

APA_7435Melanie and Nate_0017Melanie and Nate_0024Melanie and Nate_0033Melanie and Nate_0044Melanie and Nate_0050Melanie and Nate_0053Melanie and Nate_0078Melanie and Nate_0097Melanie and Nate_0098Melanie and Nate_0104Melanie and Nate_0109Melanie and Nate_0121Melanie and Nate_0134Melanie and Nate_0149Melanie and Nate_0161Melanie and Nate_0171Melanie and Nate_0175Melanie and Nate_0189Melanie and Nate_0194Melanie and Nate_0213Melanie and Nate_0217Melanie and Nate_0234Melanie and Nate_0241Melanie and Nate_0250Melanie and Nate_0262Melanie and Nate_0276Melanie and Nate_0277Melanie and Nate_0286Melanie and Nate_0293Melanie and Nate_0296Melanie and Nate_0307Melanie and Nate_0312Melanie and Nate_0325Melanie and Nate_0329Melanie and Nate_0337Melanie and Nate_0358Melanie and Nate_0374Melanie and Nate_0381Melanie and Nate_0384

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