Bethany, Andrew, Jackson + Eli

Friday April 6, 2018

For the last two years I have been too busy to be able to do general sessions that include senior images, family, or babies. I was strictly doing weddings and engagements along with some of these general sessions just for friends that I knew could handle my crazy schedule.

On Friday I photographed a few families for mini-sessions, and it was a nice change of pace. Also, it looks like I still “got it,” haha, even after a bit of a break.

This fam was a blast ❤

A + B_6A + B_14A + B_18A + B_23A + B_30A + B_33A + B_35A + B_43A + B_49A + B_58A + B_62A + B_67A + B_69A + B_77A + B_83A + B_88A + B_91A + B_94A + B_98A + B_129A + B_140A + B_149A + B_153A + B_167A + B_174A + B_176A + B_177

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