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Erica + Tika

May 19, 2018

So, typically I do not write a whole bunch on my blogs. Maybe because I’m a terribly blogger, or maybe because as an artist, and as a viewer, I often just like people to not speak a whole ton and just show me the work (lol). [I actually am really curious as to what other people think about this, but I shall carry on].

However, Erica and Tika need a few words from me.
Erica has been following my work for ages.
This girl talks me up so much, to a point that I honestly do not feel like I live up to her expectations. Yes, this happens to us photographers, haha.

During the most exciting day of her life, she was still talking me up. And when this happens, It’s honestly so amazing to have someone trust you with their entire heart, but also, makes you want to do above and beyond for them, because of their desire for your work and trust with your decisions.

Brides, there is a huge difference between hiring someone and expecting them to follow lists vs hiring someone and trusting their judgement. Please, do the second one. Because of this, when Tika was over photographs, I did a mini night session with Erica alone, and it turned out better than I expected.

It gave me time to grab my prisms, set up my lights, and do some cool in-camera stuff that I thoroughly love, and the same techniques that got me into photography in the first place.

This day was perfect. The perfect aesthetic, the perfect family and the perfect couple.
Enjoy too many photos 😉


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