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McKenzie + Katie

June 9, 2018

Katie + Kenzie

After working in the wedding industry for awhile, it’s safe to say that most of us get numb to emotions on wedding days. I realize emotions are a huge part of the day, and it is my job to capture them, but typically I do not get emotional myself.

However, for this wedding, I totally got emotional a numerous amount of times.
Vendors, and I’m sure guests, can differentiate weddings based off emotions and vibes they felt during the day. Katie and Kenzie’s wedding was a wedding that was just joy-filled and happy. From the guests, to the couple, to family, everyone was just head over heels in love with the couple and so very happy to be there.

When Sam (my second) and I are surrounded by this emotion filled setting, we are overwhelmed with joy, love, and excitement to capture the day.
It was REALLY hard for me to limit myself for posting this blog – so bear with me, haha, they have so many incredible images because they are such incredible people with an amazing and supportive family.

Location: Sundance Studios; Benton Harbor, MI
Brides Dresses: Mckenzie- Greta’s Bridal
Katie- Davids Bridal
Flowers: Stacy Stulp
Catering: CK Catering
DJ: Complete Weddings
Hair and Makeup:
McKenzie: Mak Salon and Spa
Katie: Bare Beauty Bar and Salon

Second Photographer: Sammie to the Dizzle (Samantha Denman)
Her name will continuously change throughout this year for me. (lol)


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