Fine Art / Macy / Pointe

My love for fine-art photography is massive.

But it is much different than commercial or documentary (wedding) photography.
From the end of July until further notice I have set many dates aside to do more stylized shoots with concept.

Since graduating KCAD it is crucial for me to use and exercise what I learned in graduate school.

This shoot had a vision. Nicole and Christa (from Launch Salon) worked with my model, Macy, in creating a look that we had hoped for.

I captured over 1000 images, and edited over 200.
From there I narrowed it down to 40
and then selected my favorite 10 for submission.


The goal of this shoot was to capture still motion along with some movement.
I envisioned some blurriness to the image, with points in focus.


I captured so many beautiful portraits, but those were just something extra to love about the shoot. My intentions were to narrow down my final images to the ones I dreamt up while planning this shoot.

After two months of planning, this shoot went even better than expected.
And tomorrow I start my project “Human,” which discusses equality for all with a focus on the positivity of diversity, and the negative aspects of hate and inequality.

So, here is what I am passionate about.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.