Nathan + Sydney

I have photographed Sydney a few times in other wedding parties, but once I heard she got engaged I was secretly hoping she’d reach out to me.
Wishes come true (lol)
On a beautiful Sunday morning after a storm had passed I met these two in Saugatuck to photograph their engagements.
Both of them are ridiculously easy to work with.
I cannot WAIT until your day, guys.

Here are a few of my favorites so far.

N + S_0006N + S_0013N + S_0015PAA_7730PAA_7739PAA_7743-2PAA_7751PAA_7775PAA_7810PAA_7816PAA_7822-3PAA_7835PAA_7844PAA_7853PAA_7886-2PAA_7947-2PAA_7953-2PAA_7961-2PAA_7982PAA_8014PAA_8027PAA_8034-2PAA_8062PAA_8080PAA_8094PAA_8107PAA_8132PAA_8162PAA_8219PAA_8227-2PAA_8237PAA_8244PAA_8249PAA_8254-2PAA_8261PAA_8289PAA_8317-2PAA_8328PAA_8335PAA_8358PAA_8410PAA_8440PAA_8444PAA_8465PAA_8466PAA_8476-2PAA_8513

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