Share Kindness; Krystle

Share Kindness / A Project by Paige

So I am aware the correct verbiage may be “spread kindness,” but something about the word “share” feels better. You can spread something but it can fade away, deteriorate, and it can be temporary. You can share something, and it can be shared forever.

Maybe I am at fault on my thinking, but when I am feeling down about myself the most – I find myself reaching out to others who may feel down on themselves to lift them up and show them their worth.

Once a month I am focusing on a person on a specific day – taking them out – spending the morning / afternoon with them, and photographing them at the end of our little date.

I am not going to explain what I am doing for each person, because each day is crafted to the person, their likes, their dislikes, their hobbies, but also I don’t want to be praised for it.

To be honest, this world has gotten me down, hard. I am dealing with massive depression, rough anxiety, and bad body image perceptions about myself.
It is in this time that I find myself reaching out to help others.
Why? It simply is therapeutic to me, and helps me.

Krystle is my first person for this project.
Luckily I know her enough to craft the morning we spent together – but there is one thing she must know.
Krystle, you are such a beautiful human being, inside and out.
You share my specific cause I am passionate about [animals, environment, veganism] and are so so easy to talk to.
You are beautiful, kind and such a hard worker.
What you are doing with your life, business, and passion is incredible.


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