Nicole; A Retro Shoot

Nicole Flier.

Owner of Launch Salon; and honestly someone who has become SO close to me.

We decided to do a rebranding/personal/retro shoot and I have like 100 faves but Ill try to keep this post to a limited amount [lol].
These are incredible and I needed to share.

A few things about this shoot / person.
1. I had ideas in mind but we literally drove around and whatever caught my eye is where we stopped to photo.
2. I have known Nicole for about 9 years now. I met her when I stripped my hair [from black, by myself] and it was bright orange and by googling salons around me I just so happened to book her.
3. I have loyalty to her now, and she literally does whatever she wants with my hair.
4. I have photographed her wedding and kiddos growing up [which I only do for people I am close to due to my schedule].
5.I love empowering women/shoots. This one was one of those.

Also, Featuring guest; Roan [lol]


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