Katie + Nick

Katie + Nick
August 23, 2019
Saugatuck, MI

I actually went to the same high school as Katie. It’s incredible, the people that I have photographed, or that am going to be photographing, I would have never known how important these people were going to be to me.

Constantly when I was editing Katie’s wedding I kept thinking, man, how lucky am I that I get to share this entire journey with them? But it’s not only them. There have been so many people from my past, who I didn’t know well, that I wish I would have known well, or oppositely those who I did really know well, and had no idea how much more important they’d be to me throughout my life.

Photography is so cool because it links me with so many people, but it also keeps me in contact with others I wouldn’t see otherwise.
Katie and Nick had a quaint ceremony in Saugatuck one afternoon on a dock and it was quiet, perfect, and fun.
I’m so glad Katie and I have kept in contact over the years, and so so so so honored so chose me to document this beautiful day.

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