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Barn Sanctuary – 2019

Barn Sanctuary

This place not only saves animals, but saves humans too. Maybe not in the same way, but they have created a space where all like-minded people can really find peace, therapy, and friendship.

I started to photograph for Barn Sanctuary about 3 years ago. I found them from the DODO from a video that went viral. I’ve always wanted to work at a sanctuary but never had the access. I googled them and saw they were only two hours from me, and decided to contact them.

Over the last three years I have taken over 15,000 images at their barn. Every year I deliver about 4,000 images to them from events, new residents, and website work.

I cannot tell you what a blessing this place has been to me.
I am going to place all of my favorite images I have taken just this year [all three years would be excessive, although I am not against showing some growth of our animals from when I met them, to their state now]. But I also want to represent as many of them as I can… so this is going to be long, but they deserve it.

Every animal has such incredibly different personalities. They all want to be loved, they all are curious. The donkey’s and I never really got along, but after they started to see me more and more, now they run to my camera instead of away from it.
Turkeys and chickens constantly are checking out my bags or new gear, and the moment I can get a good image of our more feisty chickens, the happier I am [lol].

We also gained some and lost some this year, which is hard. But these moments are recorded and cherished.

But all in all, here are my favorite images.
I hope they bring as much joy to you, as they do me.

Some Photographs of Incredible People

This one is for the Birds

Goats and Sheep

Cows <3 And a Few Donkeys … and A LOT of Dwight. [I love Dwight with my entire heart]

PIGGIES, and some doggos and cats

Thank you Barn, for being my home away from home. For giving me like-minded friends and family, and for letting me always disrupt whatever is going on to take a few photographs. <3 Cherish you all.


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