Carly + Jacob

I had the honor of meeting these two at a wedding on New Years Eve last year, Carly’s Sister, Paige. Carly friended me on facebook pretty immediately, and then I saw she got engaged.
To my wishful thinking, Carly messaged me asking me about doing her wedding, basically as a, she didn’t see any other option but me, and it was so so flattering and to be honest I cried. Not only because that is a huge compliment but because Jacob and Carly are so stinkin’ beautiful and have the cutest son ever, too.

Covid has been an interesting time to navigate for all businesses, for sure. Photography has gotten a bit easier to think about because distance is important as well as shooting outside instead of inside. All doable.
I broke out my distant lenses instead of doing wide angle lenses, and just created a bit more movement distantly than up close images.  I loved this session and I can’t wait for the wedding too. JUST LOOK AT EM.