The Brumbills

I photographed Abbie and Greg’s engagements, wedding, and new beginning with their son, Leo, awhile back. Abbie and I grew up together so being able to document her life has been incredible. They moved to Florida for Greg’s work not too far back so I haven’t got to see them.

Abbie said they were going to be in Michigan [in a place 2 hours from me] and asked if I by chance was free any time during the week to make it over there. I definitely made the time, and photographed in between storms [haha]. Rain or shine I was going to make this happen.

My schedule has been SLAMMED with doing work for non-profits, artists, families, and other engagement sessions – which is a beautiful thing since COVID took my weddings for the moment, however it just allows for very little re scheduling. So we were going to do this in rain or shine [haha]

I took so many beautiful photographs of memories with this family but here are some of my favorites. I focused on a lot of Abbie, Greg and Leo because that was the idea for the shoot in the first place, but as they chatted they decided to do some of their full family and breakdowns of those as well. so we got.. a lot ❤

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