Alana + Marco

So. So much to say.

In 2013 I graduated from GVSU. I did a dual bachelors degree in both photography and advertising. For my Thesis capstone I got into a group with three gals and a dude. Up until this point I didn’t really socialize, much at all. I worked 3 jobs, and did my photography on the side, and took 18 credits semester. I just didn’t have time to make friends because I had goals to achieve.


These people seemed to have a huge impact on my life.
Throughout this big project I started to really love these girls, but had no idea what the future held. Since then we all kind of distantly kept in touch. I got to photograph both Jessica’s weddings [there were two haha] in the group, got pretty close to one of them, and now I get to photograph Alana. I have completed the woman ‘trifecta.’

Alana and I had to re-schedule her engagements a few times, not only because of COVID, but because she ended up donating one of her kidney’s to her mother, which for her was a no brainer… but like, wow, so kind, so giving, so caring. I am so so so humbled to be the one she chose to document her wedding and engagement.. and I have no words for how just stinkin’ amazing these two people are. [They even gave me a bottle of wine that had ‘folklore’ vibes because they know my adoration for Tswift lol]

This session, we pushed off because of the weather, but it ended up absolutely pouring during it.. but had the most incredible light. Alana and Marco were completely down to get drenched and man, this entire session was far too beautiful.

Im so excited to watch you both take these new steps, and Im so honored to know such kind and beautiful people.