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Christa + Cam

For the last three years I stopped doing family photographs and senior photographs due to my hectic schedule as a wedding photographer and a professor at a variety of colleges.

Due to COVID I kind of adjusted my business to come back to these things. I specifically only did them for people I knew or returning clients for the last few years – but this year kind of opened them up again.

The truth is I adore watching past clients, friends, people I’ve photographed grow. Whether that be just individually and find their new styles or find themselves, adding dogs, cats, fur children, or heck even llamas or cows, or obviously, adding children and other family members. Photography is such a documentary thing for me. I don’t really aspire to have ‘perfect’ images, although I know people love them – I guess for me its more documenting the real, the relationships, the laughter, the sorrow.

I’ve been photographing so many of my past wedding couples and their new steps they’ve taken. New jobs, new homes, new additions – and it’s been just, such a joy. <3

Christa and Cameron both recently kind of switched jobs or locations and also had a baby boy about 7 months back! So we played a bit of catch up, got some solo and couple portraits and a whole lot of fun family images <3

Thanks for stickin with me, yall.

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