Zac + Chelsea Anni

Anniversary shoots are pretty much my favorite, and when you pair them with morning and coffee? Even better. If you give me a preference of morning or evening sessions, mornings win every time. Morning light is just a little less orange compared to the evening, and the air is cool, fresh, and never is as humid as it is at night.

Every year Zac and Chelsea do an anniversary shoot, and luckily Chels has pretty much chosen me for the last 3 years to do them for her <3
This year I came with a few different ideas, including a bike, car lights and headlights. Chelsea mentioned doing coffee and some in-home shots since they have decided to build and move out of their home – so as a way to solidify a memory, documenting it. I ran with this idea 10000 percent [haha]

Here are some of my faves. Happy anni you two.

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