Jared + Summer


Jared and Summer. Where do I begin

About 3 or 4 years ago I met this dude with long hair at our local gym. I had worked at that gym for almost a decade and then finally cut it as a part time job because I began to teach and really pick up my business full time. Immediately I felt like I could talk to Jared whenever I needed because he just felt like a personable person. One day I was introduced to Summer and I think I bothered Jared 100 times about asking her to marry him [lol]. I didn’t say much to Summer because I am the worst at approaching strangers or people I don’t know well – but the day I heard he popped the question I awkwardly walked over to her at the gym, and said, “hey, you don’t have to hire me for your wedding photos but I honestly would love to photograph your engagement.” To my surprised Jared and Summer already talked about me doing it, since Ive photographed some other people they knew, and then I got the coolest email later asking me to be apart of their day.

There are always specific moments in our life that stand out – and as photographers and friends there are other specific moments that stand out during wedding days too. Because I know these two well, I’m going to point out some of those things.

  1. Jared lost his brother years ago – and as we all go through something hard, there are lows – and there are new lows – but the beauty of strength and growth is because of those lows we really find our highest highs. Jared and Summer have this strength and bond that pull them together because of this loss. They both challenge each other and really lift another up – and the included his memory in their wedding day and service as well – which was super thoughtful and left no dry eye in the crowd.
  2. When Summer was getting ready we were talking about their relationship, and one of my favorite things she said was that she doesn’t think she would be weird and goofy without Jared, but with him she isn’t scared or reluctant to be goofy and she can just let go and be herself, and thats so beautiful.
  3. They did a first touch, and vow reading to one another in private, but Jared never opened his eyes to see her, even when she hugged him. Their vows to one another were beautiful… tear jerking for sure, as they talked about their lows, their highs and who they have become because of these things.
  4. I made fun of them for being so dang beautiful and joked and told them they could pick noses and it’d still be cute, and they did it, and it was.. still sickening cute.
  5. Jared made a few dark jokes during the reception but it honestly fit him well and I wont repeat them but if you know you know.
  6. Every groomsmen and Summers dad gave Jared supplements during the ceremony when they hugged him and it was hilarious.
  7. My last rambling thoughts are these types of wedding really are refreshing to see couples – the ones who have been through some hard stuff but depend on each other in the best way. The photographs don’t seem forced, but feel fun. The day goes fast but there are specific moments that just feel slow – in a good way.

Anyways, thanks for reading my ramble. I love you both- your day was the best.

Dress: Caela Scott Bridal
Catering: Adeline Leigh Catering
Florals: Payne Jayne
DJ: Ted Corner [hes good]
Make up/Hair – Locks & Lashes
Dresses: Azazie
Video: SJK Production

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