I am Paige. I consider myself an artist, more so than a ‘wedding photographer,’ because I like to create and really make connections with people.
My photography style is one that reflects the personalities of who I am photographing. I am more of a storyteller than someone who ‘makes up’ dreamy images. I use a variety of posed imagery, lifestyle imagery (unposed), fine art based images, and quirky moments and candids that tell the story of my clients.

My workflow is one that is not heavily edited, but I do like to play around with more fine art based photography. This means that I will not alter your body when I edit your images. I love how you look, and I think you should too. I do edit out the occasional zit when I find it necessary, but I won’t alter a body to reflect a body that does not exist. I think our world needs to slow down and find acceptance in people, and altering body types is a way to go against that mindset, as well as make the unattainable body ‘ideal’ even more unattainable… and to be honest I want my clients to look at their images knowing they are beautiful in every way, and they exist.

Who Am I?

I am a laid back photographer, but high strung person. Meaning, I am very organized in my personal life and workflow, but very laid back on wedding days and during engagement sessions. The more chill I am, the more relaxed you’ll be, thus the more you will enjoy your time.










Here are some things important to me.

  • Comfort. I am always striving to make whoever is in front of me comfortable.
  • Compliments. If I feel like whoever is in front of me is ‘killin it,’ I tell them so. What does a compliment do staying inside my head? Nothing. So I am a pretty complimentary person, which helps those feel welcomed and comfortable around me.
  • Chill. The more relaxed and chill I am, the more my clients will be. Wedding days do not go perfect. Some things will happen unplanned, but that is normal, and that is okay, and it’s my job to get my job done regardless of what happens. I’ve done over 120 weddings, so I’ve had a few scenarios where my bride and groom and I have had to figure some stuff out, and guess what? We always do.

32557066_10216626085669286_5975444680161099776_oSome More Important Credential Stuff.

I am associated with the Black Sheep Bride – which is a community of vendors that give back to the community – whether that be services, time, or donation.

 I have been published in a good amount of online blogs and wedding magazines. Sometimes I have been published multiple times within these online/and print magazines within a year. These include but are not limited to:
[I will link some recent published work]

Wedding Lovely (You can learn more about me through this link)
Whimsically Wed (Laura + Hil)
POPSUGAR (Phil + Madalyn)
Aisle Memories (Liz + Zach)
The Bump (Header image is mine!)
Embrace Beauty Magazine (print and online)
WeddingDay Magazine (print and online) (Issue 1/ 2018) (Issue 2/ 2018)(Issue 3/ 2017) (Issue 3/ 2018) (Issue 4/ 2018) (Styled Shoot)
TTF – The Trend’N’Female
Modern Weddings (Heather + Nate) (Samantha + Jeffrey)
Woman Getting Married (.com) (Jaimee and Vishal)
Gay Weddings & Marriage Magazine (Fall Print Edition 2015/2016)  (Full 2 page spread in 2019 in Print)
Eco Brides Magazine
Every Bride (Nicholle + Teddy)
LGBT Weddings (Mackenzie + Katie)
The Glittery Bride (Nicholle + Teddy)
The Inspired Bride
A Touch of Modern
The Frosted Petticoat (Blog and Print)
The Trendy Groom
Revue (The Autumnatic Band Image)
Equal & Forever
Truly Engaging
The Black Sheep Bride
The Lovely Bride
Borrowed and Blue Weddings
The Knot
Love Inc. Blog
Beauty & Lifestyle Magazine
Wedding Wire
Women Getting Married (Nick + Morgan)
Brides & Weddings Magazine (Glenna + Chuck) (Autumn + Brett) (Lauren + Jacob) (Phil + Madalyn) 
Tacari Weddings (Laura + Hil)
Head over Heals Wedding Blog
BOHO Brides and Weddings (Lauren + Jacob)
Bridal Beauty Magazine
The Wedding Clique (Chelsie + Tom) (Abbie + Greg) (Alex + Kevin) (Liz + Colin) (Jessica + Danny)
[and many more]

Education + Experience

I have been photographing since I was 16.
I interned with a studio photographer for 2 years from 16-18.
Went to Lake Michigan Community College from 18-20 – where I studied Film photography, and received my associates in Art.
I studied at Grand Valley State University from 20-23, and graduated with a Bachelors degree in both Advertising and Photography, and received an Associates in Business.
I took two years off school and photographed on the side, while working at a full time real-estate office, where I photographed and managed social media, website and other online ‘things.’
But I got bored.
So in Fall of 2015 I went back to school at Kendall College Art and Design and started my Double Masters, one being in Fine Art Photography (MFA), and the other being in Visual and Critical Studies (MA).
I graduated with a double masters in May of 2018, and now teach at GVSU, MSU and sometimes Kendall College of Art and Design.

I really like to expand my skills and utilize my education. So I love to teach both outside of the classroom and in the classroom. I mentor several photographers and currently am teaching at Grand Valley State and Michigan State University. Obviously I photograph weddings and other smaller shoots, but I also photograph for a variety breweries and local businesses.