Hey. I’m Ashley.
(I like being called Paige)
I like Cameras.
I Enjoy Wedding Cake.

As a Person:

I am an outgoing individual who can blend into any crowd or any scene. I love coffee, waking up early, taking cliche walks on the beach, working out, baking, and music. I am super high strung as a person, but as a photographer I am completely laid back and opposite (I don’t know how that happened). I crack terribly dry jokes. I am overall concerned about the quality of life of animals and people, and love giving random compliments to people I know, or don’t know at all. I am extremely dedicated and motivated to any thing I set my mind on – I firmly believe that any thing you set yourself up to do, you can achieve with the correct mindset.

As a photographer:

I am a kind of “go with the flow gal,” when it comes to photography sessions or wedding days. My whole perspective is, if I am relaxed and enjoying the day, so will you. I have had so many people THANK me for making their day even better than it could have been if they had hired someone else. Remember, your photographer is with you the entire day. Try to find someone who genuinely wants you to enjoy the day, not the photographs.

The most important thing I should explain is my style:
My style is a variety of ‘fine art’ styled portraiture that includes wide angle and cropped in imagery. I pose some of my work but fall in love with the moments I make my couples do funny or awkward things, or if real moments happen in between two people. I feel it’s critically important to capture what is there, and who my couples are, and not make up some other love story that doesn’t explain my couples at all.

I love my job because of the words I hear back from couples, clients, or even bride’s themselves. All of my graduate work revolves around body image and promoting positive body images/confidence, so I love to extend that to my clients too.

I am willing to travel to you, where ever you may be. Capturing your life moments is just as important to me, as it is to you.

I am associated with the Black Sheep Bride – which is a community of vendors that give back to the community – whether that be services, time, or donation.

 I Have Been Published in a good amount of online blogs and wedding magazines. Sometimes I have been published multiple times within these online/and print magazines within a year. These include but are not limited to:
TTF – The Trend’N’Female
Woman Getting Married (.com)
Gay Weddings & Marriage Magazine (Fall Print Edition 2015)
Eco Brides Magazine
The Inspired Bride
Wedding Day Magazine
Wedding Lovely Blog
A Touch of Modern (Many publishing as well as their “best of 2015” post)
The Frosted Petticoat (Blog and Print)
The Trendy Groom
Equal & Forever
Truly Engaging
The Black Sheep Bride
The Knot
Love Inc. Blog (Many different publishing’s as well as their “best of 2015” post)
Elegant Wedding (.com)
Beauty & Lifestyle Magazine
Wedding Wire
Black Sheep Bride
Women Getting Married
Brides & Weddings
Head over Heals Wedding Blog
BOHO Brides
Beauty & Lifestyle Magazine

Details about My Background and Education:

I have been photographing since I was sixteen years old, and am now currently twenty six.

When I was eighteen I interned with a professional wedding photographer for six months to learn about the field of photography. After interning, I decided to major in the field of Photography and Advertising, hoping that one day I could expand my passion into a career for a fashion magazine.

During the time I was attending a University, I worked at Lifetouch Photography for two years, interned for two other photographers and was taught the “posing” side of photography. I began photographing my own client’s weddings, engagements, fashion images, and whatever else I could get my hands on the side of school and my hourly photographing job.

I graduated with a BA in Photography and  a BA in Advertising with an Associate’s degree in Business and Art. Within those five and a half years I have worked with film cameras (standard, 4×5, and 8×10 cameras), and multiple digital cameras. I learned the technical side of photography so I can be educated in any lighting situation. I also have been trained to photograph professional “posed” images, as well as expanding my creativity and passion for the fine art side of photography. All in all, I try to be as wide spread as a photographer as I can be.

I am currently working on my Graduate Degree in Fine Arts, focused on Photography at Kendall College Art & Design and am also pursuing a Masters in Theory/ Visual Studies. I think education is a beautiful thing, and I want to be as knowledgeable as I can in every situation that is thrown at me.
In addition to photographing sessions, weddings, and whatever else I can get my hands on, I also am an adjunct professor at GVSU and Kendall College, teaching black and white film, and Introductory Photography to Non-Majors, as well as I work in a darkroom lab at Kendall College Art & Design with undergraduate students.