Destination Submission


If you are eloping, going to anywhere adventurous, and are looking for a photographer- I am giving someone half off my travel pricing.

So here are the small details.
Enter in the submission below – I want to know your plans, your dates, your ideas, EVERYTHING. I am already booking up for 2018 – so we’re going to move on this pretty fast!
I will review all of the submissions and email the winner of the submission.
ON MAY 17, 2017, I will be announcing this winner live on Facebook and Instagram (and will post excessively too).
You have to be traveling to somewhere unusual – this could be mountains, desert, maybe its somewhere near you but different and scenic for me! Your wedding can either be an elopement or an actual typical wedding ceremony in a beautiful location.

For this give away, if you are the winner you may choose between a 6, 8, or 10 hour package (typically range from $1500-3000). You will receive 1/2 off the package. I will ask my travel and stay be paid for, and you may choose if you would like just me, or another photographer there too (at no extra cost, just travel cost coverage)!
So essentially, this cost is significantly less than my in-state wedding cost, even with coverage and travel.
Have Questions?? Email ME!