Teagan // Boudoir

I never typically get to show my boudoir imagery, but when you have a best friend that is all for it.. well than you get lucky. I do these shoots very often but never usually get to post them. I adore women empowerment mixed with art.

Michele + Jessie

August 25, 2018 Michele and Jessie got married on a cloudy afternoon, that just happened to turn out to have the most beautiful sunset. The day was relaxed, fun, and entirely filled with family. Hanging out with Jessie and Michele feels familiar. It feels like friendship without any force needed, what so ever, from either… Read More

Loren + Joe

August 24, 2018 Joe and Loren Oh my word, these two. What goofballs and genuine souls to be around. I got to hang out with these cool people all stinkin’ day and found myself in love with them. Their day was super chill, full of fun, and filled with respect for their occupation they have… Read More

Madalyn + Phil

August 18, 2018 Maddie and Phil had one of the most chill, amazing wedding days. The weather was beautiful, and their friends and family were so supportive. These two were so much fun to be around, and their love for one another (and their dogs) was quite contagious. I have way too many favorite images… Read More

Liz + Zach

August 17, 2018. Liz and Zach got married on a beautiful cloudy day, which provided a beautiful sunset in the evening. Their first look was full of emotion and then they privately read their own vows and promises to each other. This wedding was just so genuine and sweet. Between Liz and Zach and their… Read More

Nathan + Sydney

I have photographed Sydney a few times in other wedding parties, but once I heard she got engaged I was secretly hoping she’d reach out to me. Wishes come true (lol) On a beautiful Sunday morning after a storm had passed I met these two in Saugatuck to photograph their engagements. Both of them are… Read More

Lauren + Chris

¬†August 11, 2018 Lauren and Chris got married in Beloit, Wisconsin one beautiful Saturday afternoon. The night before Sam and I met them at their church, and hung out for a bit after their dress rehearsal. I got to meet both of their incredible families and listen to their friends and family as they began… Read More

Lauren + Jacob

August 4, 2018 Lauren and Jacob embody the idea of the perfect couple. This couple was so genuinely excited to get married. They met in middle school, and became high school sweethearts. The day went beyond smooth and was filled with so much emotion. Weddings like this just make me exhale joy. From the kick-butt… Read More

Annie + Kyle

July 28, 2018 These two got married around Saginaw, Michigan on July 28, 2018. Annie and Kyle are such incredibly happy people. The entire day was completely filled with laughter and celebration, so much so, that there was no way I could pose “serious” photographs because Annie was just so stinkin’ happy the whole day,… Read More