Shine Bright


Our greatest fears are a constant battle.

Society creates standards that are hard to uphold to, and people around us sometimes encourage these standards without realization.  Throughout our lives we are faced with the dark corners in the world – leaving us fearful, hopeless, and abandoned to our emotions. Even when we try our best, we don’t feel good enough.  We are discouraged, upset, and sometimes raged at situations that are led on as “normal” and “okay” in our world, that are simply not okay.

However – we are beautiful, victorious, and strong throughout these “dark corners”. Though the world seems dim, and sometimes unrealistic, we are the ones that make this world seem average. When we push for our best, we are our best, and should accept that at our best we are happiest, we are strong and we are beautiful despite what the definition of “beauty” is.

Each man, each woman, each person, can overcome their battles, their fears, and the ugly parts of this world. Each person shines their own light to seek resolution and find peace within themselves.
Although the world compares us, we are too good to be compared to. Because we are real, natural, beautiful, despite what we feel we must compete with.

And to be honest- it is such a stab to compare ourselves to those things in the world that are “popular,” yet so trashy. We are more than that.

You are beautiful.

The reviews and comments I have received back from this project are just incredible. They have brought me to tears because of how happy I have made people; or have allowed me to help restore confidence in these beautiful women.


Alycia: I don’t want to babble but I HATE having my photo taken. I haven’t really liked a lot of photographs taken of me and I absolutely love yours. It’s pretty awesome. In the what, month, we’ve been friends you’ve already done so much for me and I don’t know how to even try and return the favor. The photos you have uploaded are amazing. Seriously. I hate having my photo taken and you have boosted me up so much. I’ve been fighting with my inner demons  a lot lately and it’s amazing what a photograph can do to make you realize how far off base your perceptions are. I am just in serious, absolute awe.

Jenna: Remember to shine the light you have. I was honored in being able to help Ashley Paige in her Shine project, she’s a genius with the camera.

Brittany: I think you are amazing, as a person and as a photographer. I love what you stand for and what you do for women. Never lose it! Thank you for all of the photos you have taken of me. They are my favorite pictures in the world. I can’t wait to see what you make from what we photographed tonight!

Kristen: Throughout my years I have never felt like a “True Woman,” and you honestly have made me feel so beautiful and make me feel so much like a “woman” and for that I can’t thank you enough.

Ashly: You’re the best. Also, please please please, if you ever need models I will do it anywhere any time. You are amazing and you make me feel so good about myself

Kaylan: You’re seriously the only one that makes me feel photogenic in front of the camera, and so effortlessly it seems. You always make me more beautiful than I feel. (Honestly she is so beautiful; sometimes we just need a little reminder)

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