Defining Creative – An All Women Workshop

What will the workshop cover? Defining Creative.




July 9 – 10 are the days of the workshop but I have reserved a place from July 8-11.

  • The 8th will be the day we all arrive, chat and hang out.
  • The workshop days will be 9th and 10th with specific times that we will be learning and other times will involve some free for all.
  •  The 11th is departure date! But if you have somewhere to be you do not have to stay until the 11th!

How Much?

1,200 – this includes lodging, meals, learning experience, etc. The only time you will spend money is if you choose to go somewhere else during free time moments.


Williamsburg, MI – about twenty minutes from Traverse City


I am offering 8 spots for this to be filled.
[Some beds are queen, there are select single beds so, be aware you may have to share with someone!]

Here is my tentative itinerary.

July 9Image Making Day

  • 8 – 9/ 9:30 – Morning Light Play Around
  • Breakfast provided
  • 1030 – 12/ 1:30 – Discussion –what is creative? How do you define creative?
  •  Free time – go out to lunch / explore the area
  • 3 – 630
    • Posing – Includes some tips and tricks with working with people but also a conversation within the group about different things people do / say / to create movement or genuine moments
    • Genuine vs Posed
    • Lighting – working with harsh lighting and golden hour
    •  Rapid Image Making – making the most out of one pose / location
  •  7 / Dinner Included
  • 8 / golden hour image making
  • 10 / Darker photography – Creating images in darker lighting or using flash / triggers to your advantage

July 10 / Business / Post Processing Discussion Day

  • Breakfast provided
  • 10 – 1130 Business conversations / Marketing / Branching out into the ‘competition’ / Q & A Time
  •  Snacks provided / Lunch
  •  1 – 330/4  –
    • Editing Discussion
    • Workflow Discussion
      • [this doesn’t mean I show you everything I do, but to discuss among other photographers different ways to do workflow since we all vary].
    •  Backing up your images
      [you are totally free to leave after this if you have plans for the following day <3]
  • Dinner out on the town [traverse city] / Free for all time
  • Fun image making at night / double exposures

Am I qualified to teach a workshop?

I sure hope so, I teach this at the college level [haha].
But in all seriousness, I have been photographing since I was 16, I will be 29 by the time this workshop rolls out. I have been in the wedding industry since I was 18, and have a bachelor’s and two masters degrees in art/photography. When I am not photographing weddings, I teach studio, film and digital courses at Grand Valley State University and Michigan State University [and have taught at Kendall College].

Do I offer mentorships?

Absolutely. If after this workshop you find yourself needing more time or hands on work, or advice, I am always here to do mentorships with people.

Interested in booking a spot?

I am only accepting 8 people for this workshop, however they have to be all women. For safety and for protection in staying in the same space for a few days I do have to restrict who can come to this particular workshop.

If you are interested in a spot I am taking inquiries! If you are locked in on coming I will send you an invoice after you have filled out this form below!!


** PLEASE be aware these workshops are to encourage discussion and community in the photography world. It is NOT to show you exactly how I do everything or exactly how I make my art. We all have different things that make us unique, so I can show techniques on double exposures, and certain specialties that I do, but I cannot and will not create a space that encourages people to copy me per say.

*** There also will not be styled shoots. For the most part I am against these and don’t want your finances going towards models and supplies for an unrealistic shoot that would never happen during a wedding or shoot. So all payment goes towards stay, food, and whatever else isn’t spent will go towards supplies I need and to my time set aside to teach all of you <3. We will be photographing each other, so bring some cute clothes that you love! Those are the best images.

Meals covered:
July 8 – Snacks at Night
July 9 – Breakfast and Dinner [Lunch will be free for all!]
July 10 – Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner Meal [will be covered if you decide to stay with me, drinks on ya ownnn tho if you plan on drinking].