I have decided to make a workshop.

I have gotten a lot of questions about light and how to use different types of light… so I’m going to make a thing about it.

The workshop will include a mixture of demonstration with models and hands on experimentation. This will also offer some one on one time as each person is photographing, and will cover techniques during photographing that focus on seeing light.

I will supply some models who we can each spend time photographing in particular light, which naturally will come with tricks that I use for posing based off of shadows, lighting, etc.

What will the workshop cover? LIGHT. And lots of it.
I will segment each hour to focus on a variety of lighting techniques.

  • 3pm -4pm
    • Harsh light shooting / tactics that work / tactics that don’t. How to see light during the harsh times during the day.


  • 4pm -5pm
    • Rim lighting / seeing the light before sunset and photographing against it. Best scenes that work for that instead of running for shade.

      H + S_0600

  • 5pm -6pm
    • Golden hour light / creating movement in your images / discussion with each other about things we have utilized that create the more unique portraits / as well as finding pockets of light.


  • 6pm -7pm
    • Alternative lighting
      • Flashes during receptions or events
        • To diffuse or not to diffuse

M + S_1615

      • Different lighting techniques 
        • Side light 
        • Front light
        • Butterfly light
        • Backlight and OCF



When? April 18, 2020
How Much? I have two options for you here.

  • $175 – for 3pm – 7pm –  Standard Workshop / Includes the itinerary above.
  • $215 – for 1:00pm – 7pm  –  Workshop with Extra Time / Includes an extra two hours to meet, chat, and cover more personal business or workflow [or just personal] questions that you have for me. I will provide snacks and drinks too!

Where? Somewhere in Grand Rapids, MI. The last hour will definitely take place in a studio location, but the other spots will be determined as time approaches.
Who? I am offering 15 spots for this to be filled.

Am I qualified to teach a workshop? I sure hope so, I teach this at the college level [haha].
But in all seriousness, I have been photographing since I was 16, I am now 28 [soon to be 29]. I have been in the wedding industry since I was 18, and have a bachelor’s and two masters degrees in art/photography. When I am not photographing weddings, I teach studio, film and digital courses at Grand Valley State University [and have taught at Kendall College]. To say this is a brief rundown of what I would teach my students in a semester is about accurate, except I obviously have more time with them [14 weeks to be honest].

Do I offer mentorships? Absolutely. If after this workshop you find yourself needed more time or hands on work, or advice, I am always here to do mentorships with people.

Interested in booking a spot?

Standard Workshop

3pm - 7pm


Workshop with Extra Time

1:00 – 7pm Lil’ hang out / food and drinks provided / Lil’ chat about whatever you want!