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Jake + Krista

October 25, 2019

I met Jake and Krista actually at another wedding a little over a year ago. Jake was apart of the wedding party [apparently, he is apart of many wedding parties lol] and from the day of the wedding he had mentioned how he wanted me as their photographer. I met them for coffee one morning and we chatted for an hour or so. They were super chill, and I wanted them for my 2019 year. [I love chill people who just love each other].

Their day literally went perfectly. We got goofy photos, serious photos, and literally every style I could have asked for [backlit, sunset, day time, moody, double exposures, you name it].
Their family was amazing, and the bridal part was a ton of fun.

The love is so evident in their photographs and the way Jake looks at Krista, and he is always always aware of her emotions and needs to make sure she is happy at all times. The care between one another is super real, and also, you can tell what social butterflies these two are just by the images and the way the interact with people.

Location: Something Blueberry Farm in Bangor, MI
Dress / Tux: Fantastic Finds/ Men’s Wearhouse
Catering : Cancun
Cake / Desserts: Krista’s mom /Country Mill for donuts
DJ: Tim Burns
Hair and Makeup: Sue Rhodes for hair and Faith for makeup
Dress / Tuxes: Jjs house / Men’s Wearhouse
Late Night Snack: Camzies Pizza for late night snack

This next set went … not as planned but…  hilarious

I told them to walk forward and for some reason they all just paused lol, but to look at these fast is entertaining. So maybe do that.

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