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Mckayla <3

Mckayla and I met at this field in Fennville, Mi. There is a whole story about this field which I will link here – It’s definitely worth a read but I don’t want to paraphrase it, so I am linking it for more context. The field is in representation of their son, a service member, and his life. I think the field brings awareness to big things like PTSD, which is very under communicated about.

The owners of this field are extremely kind souls, emailing photographers back with approval to photograph in the field. [To photogs: it is okay if you walk a little bit in on the paths that unfortunately have been created by others to photograph, just please don’t walk on the flowers or to the middle of the field].

I met Mckayla there to photograph in this beautiful field and we only went 2 feet in but I used some tactics to make it look like we were much further in <3

So enjoy some landscapes, photographs of Mckayla and some awkward photographs of me haha

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