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Picture Me in the Trees

Awhile back I did a photoshoot for Champagne Problems – Digitally AND with 120mm Ilford Film. I FINALLY got them developed and I love them so much oh my gosh. This year I have been so busy with weddings and getting everything in order for fall. I have 9 weddings left in this year, and then am switching to a full time job at GVSU teaching Art and Photography. I am very excited about this new step but that means that my wedding photography will be limited until further notice. I still will be taking about 8-10 weddings a year. Next year I have 7 I have accepted. For shoots I will be taken what I can, when I can. I do know during the summer I will not want to just sit around [lol], but I took this professor full time job to balance life more – SO I need to do that. But with that – comes time to really make ART. Images like these, and other images that I have been trying to make time for. I have an entire series for mental health planned and I also love making work in relation to music [as this] – so during this time of teaching – I will have time to do it. Thank you to everyone who have built my business to what it is. I can’t wait to continue to photograph love of all kinds, and do this at my very best at a rate that allows me to do that. <3

Enjoy these Images <3

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