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Jorge + Ally

August 5, 2023

This wedding was special to me for a few reasons. I photographed Ally’s twin sister’s wedding – a quaint at home wedding followed by a very chill reception. That is when I met Jorge and Ally – totally unaware I’d get to document their journey, too! Both couples cute, quiet, reserved and sweet. Ally and Mandy are such a pleasure to be around, and this wedding incorporated different cultures which is always a breath of fresh air.

The wedding was filled with joy, fun events, memorable photographs ad captured moments in time to be frozen forever. Every time I document weddings, especially as I have gotten older, I have learned to understand the power that comes with images. Unfortunately, not the first time, and not my full story to tell, but after the wedding a parent of one of the couple’s passed away unexpectedly. Every time I get these emails, it humbly brings me back to the reason I really don’t delete many images from the day if they are usable and in focus. You just never know when you are documenting last moments. As much as it’s important to document your ‘firsts’ on your wedding day, its equally, if not more, important to document your last moments with people as well.

No matter the stress during family photographs, or if you aren’t feeling like doing photographs, I always discuss the important of the ‘later,’ moments. It’s easy to say no to things with family or friends because you feel tired or busy, but it is always worth it – these images are what live on forever. Moments, beautiful moments, frozen in time.

Here is Ally and Jorge’s beautiful story.

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