Joel + Angie

New Years Eve Angie + Joel Angie and Joel had a wedding on New Years Eve to finalize my weddings for 2018. Y’all, this wedding was amazing. It took place in their home with a small amount of guests. From the moment I met these two at the beach I genuinely loved them. This day… Read More

Anna + Tommy

December 30, 2018 Wedding photographers see many different families, different relationships, different aesthetics a year. Even those of us who take on 30-40+ weddings a year can tell you that every wedding is different. Some family is close, some is distant. Some mothers are distant from us, some take us in on their son or… Read More

Brooke + Ian

December 29, 2018 Brooke Fleenor & Ian Molitor   I met Brooke and Ian officially in Portland, Oregon, where I flew out to photograph their engagements. We spent about 2 hours together, driving around, problem solving, and taking photographs. I knew instantly I loved them, and it was so cool to fly out to where… Read More

Share Kindness; Krystle

Share Kindness / A Project by Paige So I am aware the correct verbiage may be “spread kindness,” but something about the word “share” feels better. You can spread something but it can fade away, deteriorate, and it can be temporary. You can share something, and it can be shared forever. Maybe I am at… Read More

Samantha + Jeff

November 17, 2018 Samantha and Jeff had a beautiful evening ceremony at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. The weather was somewhat chilly but honestly ended up being the perfect day and weather for the wedding. These two are so quiet, yet so gentle. Everything went how it was supposed to, and I’m lucky to have… Read More

Cameron + Christa

November 9, 2018 I met Christa at Launch Salon, when she began her journey working there for one of my very good friends. I photographed her for Launch’s website and social media [things I do often], and instantly loved how kind, warm and personal she was. I heard she was getting married but had no… Read More

Chelsea + David

October 26, 2018 I met Chelsea from a wedding I photographed about two years ago – and kept seeing her pop up in my life afterward [because the bride and I became best friends]. Chelsea has grown so near and dear to my heart, and I am so lucky that she has appeared in my… Read More

Lauren + Andrew

I met these two at another wedding this year! I was so honored when I got an email asking for engagement photography! These two are eloping next year to a wedding overseas, and I’m super jealous about it. I mesh with Lauren so dang well, and I hope to see her again – because she… Read More

Katie + Cory

An Anniversary Shoot. I met Katie through Wedding Day Magazine and a styled shoot that we worked together. Since then I got to photograph her for a maternity shoot as well as this anniversary shoot. Katie and Cory are SUCH a joy to be around and they are both so so beautiful.  

Laura + Hillary

October 6, 2018 Oh this wedding! This wedding was beautiful as it was near and dear to my heart. I have photographed both of Hillary’s sisters, and it was so special to see not only them, but the entire family. By this point their family knows me pretty well, and I got to watch each… Read More