Workshops & Mentorships


Frequently I will offer lighting workshops or workshops aimed at over-coming artist block. I am a photographer that is community over competition, which is why I teach at Universities. I firmly believe in creating a community of creators that feel like they can connect, get feedback and grow with one another instead of feel like everything is a secret.

Video by: Cassandra Jean
Video by: Cassandra Jean


All of my mentorships are really varied based off of person and skill set. Before starting a mentorship I do an in-person or online [facetime] meeting for 30-45 minutes to understand your struggles, goals and where you want to grow. From this I customize a plan for your learning for each session.

Each of my mentorships share a google drive/dropbox with me to dump images that are being worked on, need feedback with, or are part of the learning process for my review. I can help figure out setting errors as well as see new work that has been talked about or ‘assigned.’

Mentorships can also be signed up without a package and I can meet people throughout the year if they prefer that – without a package is $200 an hour [conversational based / online or in person] or $400 an hour for hands on help, coming to a shoot, or working with you while photographing, and doesn’t come with a continuous line of communication or dropbox/google drive with those same image dumps for my review.
Keep in mind I DO teach this at a university level, also, I am not just someone who taught themselves a year ago who is offering learning opportunity for you that may be inaccurate.

The perk of doing a package is you have unlimited communication to me outside of your sessions. I am here to help you, guide you, and help you grow throughout the entire time you are with me.


Option 1; Online only [for my distant friends] – $675

6 Meetings online, discussions of techniques, updates on progress, more educational based. I will try my hardest to show techniques over the internet. Calls will be 45 min to an hour depending on your questions and discussion. 

Calls can be booked throughout the year, whenever you need. It can be weekly for the first 6 weeks or spread out!

Option 3; 6 meetings & hands on and conversational – $1450

This option allows me to either come to a few of your shoots, or either of us can set up shoots that will provide a bit more hands on, as well as a few meetings that are just conversational to discuss your trial, error, and where you need help. This will let me meet you six times for an hour to either help you hands on or just meeting up, whichever you feel you need. Even if this means reviewing some of your work  and sitting and critiquing what can be improved on, I’m for whatever you need. 

Option 2; In Person Meetings – $1000

Same as the the online package but has the option of being in person too! This is still more discussion based, includes six 1 hour discussions. But can be in person or online.  Can help you critique work, or just discuss techniques over the internet or some coffee [or both? haha]. Sometimes hands on or sitting next to is a bit easier to discuss techniques and tactics.

Option 4; A whole lot of help. $2000

10 hourly sessions throughout the year, or 8 hourly sessions and 1 attended events/weddings [for 4 hours total, but I can stay the whole time for another cost] with you to help you and help direct you shooting / lighting / or whatever you need. 

*This option WILL depend on whether my season is booked or not, and we will have to really lock down a date that works in advance. 

Resources and PDF’s For New Entrepreneurs

Free Work is a Waste of Time

PDF explaining when and why to do free work as a new business or starting off artist


Some words from those I’ve guided;

Let’s make something together.