Ryan + Andrea

June 10, 2016

Oh my goodness these two.
I loved them from the moment I met them last year for our engagement session.
If you want to meet a photographer who literally falls in love with her couples; I’m that gal.

These two are always up for whatever I am thinking.
I am quite a spontaneous, fly by the seat, kind of girl.
I don’t like planning out portraits, because it never turns out the way you think it will – especially with light shifting constantly, or sometimes people walking around the area you are in mess up your ideas.
So instead I like to be inspired by the day.

These two had a beautiful venue, the love that is shared, and on top of it, are two pretty rad and quirky people that left me laughing the night away.

THANK YOU – to both of you, to your families, and to the bridal party for really making this day memorable in every way.

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