This past weekend was pretty rad.
I was flown out to photograph engagements, but I brought Sam along with me to make a mini-vaca out of it.
I photographed a lot, and have two photoshoots that will be coming to my blog within the next week or so. <3

Being in beautiful scenery is both encouraging and discouraging.
Encouraging for the reason that everything you photograph is gorgeous. You barely even have to try to make a photograph beautiful. So to be able to photograph there daily, man that would be a dream.

Discouraging for the exact opposite reasoning.
In the midwest, we don’t have beautiful mountains, ocean views, or anything extremely iconic. We have yellow churches, cornfields, and sometimes rolling hills if you are near the north part of Michigan.
I guess this is what makes amazing photographers, amazing.
For the fact they can take these mundane and boring landscapes and make them as beautiful as the mountains on the west side.

Well enough rambling from here. Here are some DSLR photographs of my trip. <3

API_5815API_5824API_5831API_5839API_5845API_5859API_5861API_5868API_5869API_5878API_5887API_5892API_5894API_5896API_5897API_5899API_5908API_5912API_5915API_5927-2API_5930-2API_5936API_5938-2API_5947-2API_5963API_5972API_5986API_6013API_6025API_6029API_6031API_6032-3API_6044API_6048-2API_6050API_6062-2API_6062API_6064API_6076-2API_6078API_6079-2API_6106-2API_6119API_6155API_6168API_6176API_6182API_6185API_6189API_6203API_6213API_6225API_6227API_6228API_6323-2API_6326API_6382API_6416API_6591-2API_6592API_6621API_6627Also PS – THANKS TO SAM FOR COMING WITH ME AND TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS OF MYSELF.

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