Rene + Jackie

May 18, 2019

Rene + Jackie had a beautiful ceremony at Belle Isle Conservancy on a lovely Saturday afternoon. I actually met them that day, for a quick two hour portrait and ceremony. Immediately I felt the love and felt home.

Jackie’s dress was by BHLDN and her hair was done at Anthem Hair and Health [Katelyn Shaffer].
Rene had his suit custom made, with his signature on it because he’s just that cool.

There were so many REAL moments from this wedding, so let me share a few [a lot] of my favorite moments.

PAA_1982-2PAA_1985R+ J_0011R+ J_0018

Headed to the first lookR+ J_0026R+ J_0028R+ J_0031R+ J_0034R+ J_0041R+ J_0044

That face tho..R+ J_0051R+ J_0057R+ J_0060

This pure joy just lights me up.R+ J_0074R+ J_0079

Thank you to Nick, our social service.

R+ J_0086R+ J_0088R+ J_0091R+ J_0094R+ J_0115R+ J_0118

These two gals saw our first look and recorded it..R+ J_0119

so naturally trading IG handles was necessary.. [lol]R+ J_0120R+ J_0136R+ J_0144R+ J_0152R+ J_0167R+ J_0171R+ J_0175R+ J_0179R+ J_0196R+ J_0208R+ J_0216R+ J_0224R+ J_0227R+ J_0230R+ J_0242R+ J_0243R+ J_0250R+ J_0260R+ J_0264R+ J_0275R+ J_0280R+ J_0290R+ J_0295R+ J_0311R+ J_0312R+ J_0316R+ J_0318R+ J_0327R+ J_0348R+ J_0370R+ J_0388R+ J_0399R+ J_0400R+ J_0410

This cat followed us everywhere and it was a highlight of our day.R+ J_0423R+ J_0424R+ J_0430R+ J_0440R+ J_0459R+ J_0474R+ J_0482R+ J_0483R+ J_0488

Right before the ceremony…R+ J_0499R+ J_0503R+ J_0842R+ J_0844R+ J_0853R+ J_0855R+ J_0857

This is my ultimate favorite photo from the day. Jackie’s dad’s face, the crowd looking at Rene, just perfect.

 This is what wedding photography is about, not the staged stuff, but the honest stuff.R+ J_0864R+ J_0866R+ J_0874R+ J_0877R+ J_0878R+ J_0880R+ J_0882R+ J_0885R+ J_0888R+ J_0890R+ J_0891R+ J_0896R+ J_0902R+ J_0904R+ J_0931R+ J_0910R+ J_0925R+ J_0932R+ J_0914

Rene and Jackie had a bilingual ceremony, since Rene’s family doesn’t speak much English and it was beautiful. During Jackie’s vows she also switched to Spanish to include them and to be honest it made my heart just pound right out of my chest. It was such a sensitive and personal thing to do.

R+ J_0917R+ J_0918R+ J_0927R+ J_0958R+ J_0963R+ J_0964

R+ J_0525R+ J_0528R+ J_0538R+ J_0547

Here are my favorite portraits.. R+ J_0558R+ J_0567R+ J_0575R+ J_0577R+ J_0578R+ J_0584R+ J_0596R+ J_0603R+ J_0629

R+ J_0633R+ J_0608R+ J_0621

Thanks for letting me be included in your day you two <3

And if you are family looking at this, I never post family photographs for privacy purposes / but those will come out soon from the Bride and Groom <3

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