Vanessa + Ryan

I met vanessa + ryan on a Tuesday afternoon on the west side of michigan. Vanessa was so full of life and joy and ryan was a joy to interact with. Their wedding is going to be liitttttt. Super excited for these two and getting to know them. Vanessa even got an instagram to follow my work [what a dream], and she loves cats as much as I do. 12/10. PAA_3907PAA_3823-2PAA_3830-3PAA_3881-2PAA_3887-2PAA_3942PAA_3986PAA_4046PAA_4090PAA_4103PAA_4124PAA_4167PAA_4177-2PAA_4192PAA_4221PAA_4245-2PAA_4256PAA_4272PAA_4340PAA_4396PAA_4431PAA_4450PAA_4459-2PAA_4465PAA_4473PAA_4481-2PAA_4482PAA_4519PAA_4548-2PAA_4559PAA_4585-2PAA_4589PAA_4597PAA_4606PAA_4643PAA_4748PAA_4782PAA_4794PAA_4815PAA_4891PAA_4945-2PAA_5014PAA_5094PAA_5133PAA_5154PAA_5214PAA_5227