Anya, Katrina and Mariah

About 2 weeks ago I was walking downtown with my husband. Grand Rapids has implemented window art in support of BLM all over the city. This was actually executed by Lions and Rabbits [a phenomenal organization and gallery]. I went down there to see the art and photograph with my film camera.

I saw this specific piece being created and already was blown away although it wasn’t finished yet. I captured them working on it [still waiting on film development] but decided to take a few iphone shots as well and then post them to increase exposure of what was happening downtown.

I uploaded it to a few of my instagram accounts and then sent Mariah a message asking if they would like photographs with their piece and also just by themselves. As an ally, instead of muting my account, I decided to amplify artists on my account, and not just for a week, but for as long as I can. So I have been photographing a lot lately, to promote people that have either a smaller platform, that are starting out as artists, or that I just really adore that I want to talk about.

These three girls were SO DANG sweet. It was so much fun, and I got to meet Katrina and Mariah’s mom too, and she was also adorable.

So here are some of my favorite photographs of them <3

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