Kate + Christine


Kate and Christine eloped in their own backyard in Detroit, Michigan. Due to being at weddings so much, it’s pretty rare that I get emotional or cry… it just doesn’t happen that often? But when people write their own heartfelt vows, get emotional while reading or listening to them, and if the surrounding people lose it too? Ya, I’m toast [lol].

This wedding was nothing short of heartfelt. With people they love surrounding them, with nothing but affection towards one another every moment of the day, these two stole my heart while i was photographing them. Their friends are incredible, their family was kind, and this day was just one that is hard to beat.

I brought a gal named Stefanie as well who owns her own biz [stefanieirenephotography] and had her shadow me but she also took some amazing shots as well which I have included in this blog post <3.

Congrats you two, your love is nothing short of infectious.