Thomye + Hunter

June 19, 2021

Thomye and Hunter got married at Tabor Hill Winery on a warm Saturday. I’ve been facebook friends with Thomye for awhile, photographed her and Addy [her daughter] for a project that I have been working on, and got to photograph their family in the late winter. The love that Thomye and Hunter share is out of this world. You can see it in the way the look at each other, speak about one another, and interact with others and each other. Ironically I’m not a goo-ey love story person. I don’t write these words with ease every time I type. But when I see it, I see it.

Some weddings feel like work. Some weddings go with ease… and then other weddings like this just FEEL like love. I’m going to include a lot of images in this post. Not because I loved this wedding more than any other weddings, but because some of these timeless emotions just evoke feelings. You can tell at weddings when guests over-adore the couple- and this was one of them for me. As I get older, the images that are deemed ‘not pretty,’ or ‘not good enough’ for social media and our instagram feeds become my favorite. The messy images of cake everywhere, or a silly photo of a mom and her kid on the dance floor, speak mountains more to me than a couple looking perfect in a sunset. why? These images tell a bigger story – we came, we loved, we celebrated, we felt… and damn, that’s why photographers exist, right?

Location: Tabor Hill Winery
Gown: Simply Yours Bridal
Food and Cake: Lasalle Catering
Cake – Teri McGuigan
Florals: Marco Alexzondra
Planner: White Dahlia Events
DJ/Video: 27 Entertainment
Makeup: Meg Kline
Hair: Alexis Hepler and Chasity Means
Ladies Dresses: Bill Levkoff
Mens Suits: Simply Yours