Fiona Senior 2022

I only take probably 4-5 seniors a year just because my dedication of work flow is usually taken by my wedding couples – however the select few I do a year, is the most fun experiences that remind me why I started photography. When I was 16-18 I mostly just did senior and individual sessions as I learned how to move the body, capture all different types of people and learned my craft as well.

I spent last week with Fiona, and got to know about her experience as a high schooler during this weird time, and her love for photography and other mediums. This session was a blast and really provided SO many different aesthetics. The cool thing about seniors is I like to give them a large variety of images back so they can choose which ones they like or not. Call it over-delivering, call it variety, but everyone loves different things <3

Here are some of my faves.

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