Hope & Benny

October 1, 2021.

Wow. This wedding is super close to my heart. Benny and I have been best friends for about a decade. I met him when I worked in a jewelry department in Macy’s while I was finishing undergrad in Grand Rapids. Throughout this time I got to know his heart and everything about him. Benny has to be the nicest person I’ve ever met. Throughout our busy schedules, my constant changing as a human being, and distance, he has literally never left my side . . . which just makes me in awe of his loyalty.

Throughout this time, I also began to hear about a girl named Hope who I heard had a crush on him. He mentioned her in passing a few times, but mentioned he was too busy working to pursue any relationship. During all of this, he stood in my wedding, and we continued our three person dates [my husband, benny and I]. Finally, Benny pursued Hope. In the last few years I’ve gotten to know Hope and I’ve really took her in as one of my closest friends. Hope’s heart is as pure as Benny’s. Both of these people have become ‘my people.’ I would literally do any thing for both of them – so to photograph their wedding day was a complete honor that left me teary-eyed when I left.

These two have quite a story… and to be honest the day of was very emotional for me, for personal reasons that are not my place to share. They have a journey ahead of them, as obstacles have been thrown into their life that they have to overcome, but as Miles [best man] stated, “with hope, they will overcome these things together.” This intimate wedding, reception, and private dances in the barn left my heart full, and full of hope. <3