Bryan + Ty

Photographing for some people you love is a whole different type of serotonin. I got to photograph my [bb] cousin and his fiance recently. My family grew up very close knit- so doing this was a complete honor. [I pretty much begged them].
My family has had a lot of struggle, trials and pain within the last few years, but every time we face something we always come back to the root of our strength, which is our family. I was blessed to grow up with a family that may differ in opinion, but support one another, we constantly are evident in each others lives, and will always be the for one another through the high times and through the low times.
Ty is someone who I have just completely loved getting to know. She has been apart of my family for years, even though ‘unofficial.’ I am so looking forward to watching their love grow over the course of my lifetime, and am completely joyed to have each of these people in my lives. Love you both to the moon. Can’t wait for your quaint, perfect, and intimate wedding day.

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