Jimmy + Mandy


What a beautiful day.

Jimmy and Mandy got married on a calm November afternoon after a long awaited year and a half from their original date. I met these two in 2019, we walked around Kalamazoo, visited some of their favorite spots, and like everyone else, had no idea what 2020 would bring.

Mandy and Jimmy were supposed to get married in May of 2020. I feel like I have said this a lot, but their story is a bit more unique. After they moved their date to November of 2020, the week of their wedding there was a covid outbreak among family and they had to move it again. I could feel the defeat in Mandy’s email to me, as they discussed pushing it back to 2021. I kept in touch through email and we talked about some future dates as time went on. Flash forward to the time they actually got married last month – at Mandy’s childhood home.

This wedding was worth their wait. An evening filled with intimate family moments, carefully chosen decorations and florals [from Mandy’s mom], and a home located ceremony. Throughout all of this chaos that the last two years [almost] has provided us, sometimes these moments of chaos really make the important things shine. I personally have fallen in love with at-home weddings, backyard gatherings, and smaller guest counts allowing the couple to visit everyone present.

These moments of intimacy between family and friends has been, hands down, my favorite part about the last two years. Despite the inconvenience, these moments were worth the patience, and this day was what it should have been all along. <3

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