Alyssa + Len

On a beautiful Friday Morning I met up with Alyssa and Len’s family for a cute lil’ wedding/elopement in Ann Arbor, MI. The wedding was quaint, quiet, emotional, sweet and meaningful. Alyssa and Len decided instead of doing a longer home-stead wedding, to break up the events and do a courthouse ceremony with portraits this year, and a good party for their friends and family next year. It’s always hard right now to decide what’s best as we continue through this pandemic, but these moments are still precious regardless of how big the number of people around the couple is.

I am so so happy I was able to be here for this day.
I typically do not include family photographs in my blog, but because the number of people attending was limited, and because it was so heartfelt, I have decided to let them sneak some images of their families <3

  1. Thank you so so very much for capturing my best friends’ love and the beauty of their wedding day. It means so much to their loved ones! Your eye and POV are so clear and strong yet sensitive. Much love from the Slayton-Lamping crew!

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