Rachel + Rob

May 28, 2022


First off, Rachel is a dream client. When she first got engaged she literally asked about my availability and found a venue that could accommodate when I was available. She’s been the biggest hype person and just let me create whatever I see fit.

When her wedding day came, for some reason I had another venue in my notes and email thread, possibly from when she was searching and had found a venue that accommodated the date – however – that venue wasn’t hers. 

The day of the wedding I went to this venue 30 minutes early and couldn’t find Rachel. I saw some people setting up for a wedding and asked them if Rachel was there, and they replied “Rachel’s wedding isn’t until tomorrow.” I had a full on panic attack, looking at my contracts, checking the dates, everything on my contract said this date and this venue. This was the first time this had happened to me ever in 15 years. I could potentially shoot a wedding the next day but I had a Halsey concert I was going to in the evening so I would just have to be late to it – I figured. 

The venue got Rachels number, because for some reason I couldn’t find that either. It’s like a massive thread of emails got deleted from my phone. I called Rachel and said, “Hello! This is Paige, I have your wedding contract for today, what is going on?!” This Rachel replied, “I’m sorry, who?” And from that moment I realized, they IRONICALLY had another Rachel signed for the next day… WHAT ARE THE ODDS. And because I never said Rachel’s last name, the venue and I were chatting about two different Rachels. 

Luckily MY Rachel’s venue was just 35 minutes away, and if this chaos had to happen to any wedding for me, it was this one. I arrived with sincere heartache and apologies for being 30 minutes late and explained the whirlwind of the situation. Rachel basically told me I was crazy and to relax [lol]. I disregarded her ease and forgiveness and told her I’d stay an hour later, and I did [lol].

Following my own created chaos, these two had LITERALLY THEE PERFECT day. The venue is one that I will recommend forever. The Great Lakes Culinary in Southfield, MI make their own food, have options for every diet, had CHURROS for dessert [omg], present everything so beautifully and overall is just a fun and photogenic venue to be at. 

Rob and Rachel had a beautiful first look, a heartfelt ceremony, a relaxed cocktail hour and a beautiful reception. I am so lucky to have these two as clients and supporters and am happy to call them friends. 

Great Lakes Culinary In Southfield
Davids Bridal – Dress
Crystal Drake – Make Up
Music Box – DJ

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